Ride The Lace Into The Sunset

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Holy Cow what a tank top!  When it comes to unique, SEXY & just plain awesome...this one definitely has our attention & we love it!  Motorcycle, wings, rhinestones that cover the design on the front, shreds & lace on the back are what this tank top is all about ladies.  Fits true to size because of the lace & the open back, it will fit just a little lose as you wear it but stick to what size you would normally wear.  Mannequin is wearing a small.  The lace is very well sewn in the back panel so there is no need to worry about that coming undone.  Also runs a bit longer, perfect for longer torsos, which is why we put our beloved 'Stretchy Belt' (also sold on our website) on her to give it that much more of a HOT wow factor.

95% Cotton 5% Spandex