OSBC "No Brainer Outfit" #6

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OSBC "No Brainer Outfit" #6 is badass meets hot, sexy chic.....this classy styled up thermal long sleeve has gone above and beyond with the cutouts down the sleeves and the blinged out design on both the chest and the back of this shirt really add to its look. Plus we've thrown in a spider bra to wear under this shirt.  Now pair all that up with these amazing Platinum Plush black denim jeans with lace up sides and bling trim pockets and you've got a great outfit.  And let's not forget to mention we're throwing in a clutch wallet to boot....this "No Brainer" package is amazing!!!

Sold separatately these items retail for more than $180.00.  Bought as the "No Brainer Outfit" special it ships to you with free shipping at our special discounted price.

Accessories may vary in color or style due to supply.

Top:  100% Cotton

Pants:  75% Cotton 23% Polyester 2% Spandex